August 24th, 2020

Hello everyone!
We will be transitioning to our new membership platform shortly after the beginning of the school year, and then shutting down this website.
You will receive an email inviting you to the new platform once we’ve set it up, hopefully a few weeks after school has begun.
The first HSA Meeting of the school year will be a Zoom meeting held at 7pm on Thursday, September 10th. We will send an email invite out before then.
Looking forward to making this a great year!

June 2nd

HSA plans for over the summer: Over the summer the HSA will be transitioning to the new online membership platform and working to make sure the outdoor classroom and garden is finished by the beginning of the new school year!

There is a lot of talk around gratitude these days within our adult conversations and instilling gratitude within our children. Even though it is an important buzz word of our current situation, we would like to emphasize how grateful we are for all of our parent volunteers.  We appreciate all of your hard work, dedication to our children’s elementary experiences and the donation of your most precious resource, your time.  We are so proud of our strong, supportive, and involved parent community.

Despite our year being cut short there is so much that the HSA accomplished this year starting with the New Family Social at East Goshen Park in August.

September brought the Boosterthon Pep Rally, Mr. Brown Rides the Bus, and Picture Day and the printed school directory, EGE Spirit wear and the 5th grade t-shirt were delivered.

In October we had Kindergarten Donuts with Dad, the Boosterthon Fun Run, Family Fun Night and the class Halloween parties.

In November we had 1st Grade Muffins with Mom, Feed the Hungry, and our Fall Conference Teacher Appreciation Meal.

December brought 2nd Grade Donuts with Dad and class holiday parties.

And in January we hit the ground running again with  3rd Grade Muffins with Mom and Family Bingo Night.

In February we hosted a great Adult Social with our very first ever and very successful online auction!

And even though school ended abruptly mid-March, those first 3 weeks were jam packed with HSA organized events: 4th Grade Donuts with Dad, 3rd Grade Ancient Civilizations Day, Book Fair, VIP/Grandparent Event, and our Spring Conference Teacher Appreciation Meal. However, our annual Spring Fair had to be cancelled, which was a disappointment for everyone, especially our volunteers who had put so much time into preparing games, crafts, catering and decorations.

Throughout the school year, our Beautification Committee did an amazing job of always having a seasonal cheery billboard in the lobby and decorating outside. And our Library volunteers helped support our librarian year round. The Grant Writing volunteers assisted us in learning the ins and outs of grant applications.  Our grade level ambassadors welcomed new families and organized events and our Wellness Committee helped us promote healthy habits.

And we are disappointed that we weren’t able to hand out snacks during the PSSAs, have our 4th Grade PA Day event, distribute student made books through our Publishing Committee and host our final Teachers Appreciation Meal of the school year.

And we are especially saddened that we aren’t able to organize a lot of the traditional 5th Grade events, like the Safeties Party and host our 5th Grade Mother’s Tea. But we are very grateful that our 5th Grade Yearbook Committee was able to publish this year’s book so we’ll be able to send off our departing 5th Graders with a book full of cherished East Goshen Elementary memories.

Thank you so much and we look forward to starting another successful school year in the fall! In the meantime, please check out the Sign Up Genius to see if there’s anything you’d like to volunteer for next school year.

Have a wonderful summer!

May 26th

Results from Online Voting: Thank you to everyone who voted last week. Here are the results:

  • Unanimous approval of Betty P. as Treasurer
  • Budget: 95% voted in favor
  • Outdoor Garden: 89% voted in favor
  • Unanimous approval of Ambassador Committee
  • Directory: 95% voted in favor

The Sign Up Genius for HSA volunteer positions for next school year is filling up very nicely! This week we’d like to highlight a few slots:

5th Grade T-Shirt Chair(s): Every year the 5th Graders get a special t-shirt commemorating their last year at elementary school. Signatures from all the students are collected to be incorporated into the design. This is done at the beginning of the school year, and the t-shirt is usually delivered by the beginning of October. This committee organizes the sales, signature collection and distribution of the t-shirts. It’s a position that should optimally be filled before the school year starts, so that the t-shirt can be made as early as possible in the school year. So if you have a child going into 5th grade, please consider this slot.

Spirit Wear Chair(s): Over the summer, our Spirit Wear Chair would work together with our vendor to select items for purchase, and coordinate the ordering and distribution of EGE merchandise and field trip t-shirts. This is another position that needs to be filled before the school year starts, so that the spirit wear store is open in the early part of the school year.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these or any other HSA volunteer positions. We appreciate your dedication and time!

May 19th

Voting: We have decided to extend voting by a few days. We have had an unprecedented number of responses, and as things stand everything will be approved. However, as the the outdoor classroom and garden is a higher allocation than usual, we want to give everyone the opportunity to vote, so please submit your votes by Friday the 22nd. Please vote here. Items up for vote are explained in more detail here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, if you have any concerns:

HSA Zoom Meeting: We had a very productive Zoom HSA Meeting yesterday and a great exchange of ideas, like possibly replacing some of our in-person HSA meetings with Zoom meetings next year! We also discussed the impact of possible changes to the school format could have on our fundraising and budget. We also went over our budget for the outdoor garden and two teachers who were present at the meeting also spoke to the teachers’ excitement about this project and how it would be used in instruction. The garden is projected to be completed by the time school opens. Optimally, we’d love to have some kind of opening ceremony for it, but as things are so up in the air right now, we will have to play that by ear.

Volunteer Sign Up for next year: Thank you to everyone who has signed up already. There are some slots we’d like to fill as soon as possible: Kindergarten Ambassador, Spirit Wear and 5th Grade T-Shirts. If you haven’t signed up yet, please see if there are any positions your are interested in volunteering for!

May 12

Hello everyone! This week we are looking forward with plans for next school year!

Please take a moment to vote on these HSA items. You can read more about the items up for vote here.

And here is our volunteer sign-up for next year.

Scholastic Book Fair: We’ve had a few parents contact us about charges appearing on their credit card statements just now in May. The HSA Book Fair Committee Co-Chair, Linda L. was able to talk with a representative of Scholatic and was told that some credit card companies/banks held the charges either because of charge limits or unusual/unknown vendors and those charges were just released last week when Scholastic offices reopened and the charges could be finalized on their end.  Most of the charges went thru in March but they have had this impact a few people.